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School Meals


Children at Crossdale can enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal from Ms Royle as part of Nottinghamshire County Council's Education Catering Services.

All children up to the end of Year Two are eligible for a free school meal. For children in Years 3-6, the cost of a two-course meal is currently £2.35. You can pay for school meals using the school's online payments system - School Money.

Please let us know if your child is vegetarian,  has any special dietary needs or you have any other concerns about your child and school meals.  

Information about Free School Meals is available by clicking here.

try a School Dinner day! 

We are hearing some fantastic feedback about our school dinners at the moment, and with the cold weather heading closer maybe you may want to consider a hot meal for your child?

We are holding a try a School Dinner day on Thursday 7th October 2021

The cost is £2.35 payable on 'School Money', however this will still be 'Universal Free' for Reception, Year 1, & Year 2.


Sausage *gluten, sulphur dioxide (a food additive and preservative)
Baked Beans     

Vegetarian : Vegan plant based sausage *soya, sulphur dioxide 

Butterscotch Tart *milk, gluten

As with all forms we send out, please complete it (CLICK HERE) even if you are usually school dinners, as the data is really helpful for us.  Please complete by FRIDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER at 11am so that we can place a stock order.