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School Curriculum 2 (DRAFT)

We pursue excellence through a motivating, knowledge rich curriculum that promotes independence and engagement. Feeling secure, happy and confident in our learning environment means that pupils at Crossdale develop their cultural capital alongside a passion for learning, and ultimately become ready for secondary school.

 With a backbone of core skills in English and maths, our curriculum, which meets and exceeds all areas of the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage, is progressive, sequenced and ensures children's knowledge, skills and vocabulary build on prior learning in a structured way.

Early reading is prioritised right from the start and topics are presented in a way that hook the children and inspires them to ask questions and get excited about their learning. We value each subject, recognising and teaching them as separate disciplines; our children will learn how to be historians, scientists, artists, etc so they understand separate subject elements, have opportunities to revisit prior learning and are well-prepared for future study in all subjects.

The curriculum is purposefully enriched to consolidate and deepen learning, allowing children to apply new knowledge and skills. Together with RE and RSHE, we focus on children’s spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development (SMSC) and wellbeing through enriching the curriculum in a variety of ways; including a wide range of trips, visits/visitors, sports clubs, residentials, themed days/weeks and external providers of specialist programmes such as Bikability or DART. This provision is complemented by a specialist sports coach as well as external providers for whole class and individual music tuition.

Every subject has a champion, in the form of a subject coordinator, who ensures their subject is being taught effectively and reflects the latest good practice in classrooms.

More information about our curriculum and how it is enriched can be found below.