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Admissions: Joining our School


Please click here to watch a video with information about our school. 

We made this video when parent tours were not possible during the national covid-19 lockdown.

Don't hesitate to call school if you have questions or to arrange a tour of the school if covid-19 restrictions allow.



Below you will find Admissions policies for this year and future years, approved by Crossdale Primary and Keyworth Primary and Nursery Schools’ Joint Local Governing Body for Crossdale Primary School.

Admissions applications for Crossdale Primary School are received through Nottinghamshire County Council’s co-ordinated scheme for first admission to school, and for in-year transfers.

If you wish to make an application, please click on the following link:

We advise that you check your catchment area before applying for school places.  You can check your catchment area by clicking on this link:

Crossdale Primary School’s catchment can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

If you have a query about your application to Crossdale Primary School, please contact Equals Trust Admissions team by telephone on 0115 9143211 or by email:

Admissions Appeals

The Admissions Appeals process for all Equals Trust schools engages Nottinghamshire County Council’s Independent Appeals Panel.  None of the members who sit on the panels have any connection to Equals Trust schools.

The Admissions Appeals process is free to parents/carers, as the cost is paid by the school.

Please find below, information regarding the appeals process.