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January 2021

  • Snow and Ice - Important Information

    Published 24/01/21


    I have been contacted by parents from Crossdale this evening to let me know that there has been considerable snowfall on the roads around school today.

    Unlike other schools in Keyworth, Crossdale is not situated on a road that is typically gritted by Nottinghamshire County Council during unusually cold and icy conditions. Adams Hill can become especially treacherous if untreated – we have seen several small accidents on Adams Hill over the years when cars have slid backwards and off the road, or into other vehicles.

    Therefore, in order to minimise the risk of pedestrians or motorists being injured near Crossdale School, we would ask that, during icy and dangerous conditions, motorists aim to park up before reaching Adams Hill and complete their journey on foot. Obviously, this means some families will need to plan to leave 5-10 minutes earlier than normal. 

    If necessary, I will update you in the morning about conditions around school.


    Mr Cresswell


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  • School Staff: Covid-19 Testing

    Published 22/01/21

    From next week, staff in primary schools are being asked to use a covid-19 self-testing kit twice a week and report their results to the DfE and to school. The aim of testing is to break the chain of transmission of COVID-19. Testing will help identify and isolate more asymptomatic people who might otherwise spread the virus.  

    If a member of staff tests positive, we will need to notify parents and close, or partially close, bubbles in school. The length of time a bubble is closed will depend the outcome of a second test the staff member will need to take.

    Although this testing regime aims to make our school safer for staff and children, it seems likely that there will be some disruption as a result of any positive tests that may not ordinarily have been detected.

    For parents accessing our critical worker provision in schools, it would seem sensible to ensure you are familiar with our home school offer using the SeeSaw app. This will enable your child to access education in the event of a bubble being closed.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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  • Resources to Support Home Learning

    Published 19/01/21
    Due to a very  generous donation from one of our Crossdale families we have purchased CGP maths and English books for all pupils from Y1-6. These books have short ten minute daily activities in and are are in line with National Curr
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  • Critical Worker Update (09/02/21)

    Published 12/01/21

    Dear Parents,

    As we respond to the latest school closure announced on Monday 4th January, we continue to receive guidance and information from the government.

    I wrote to you on Sunday to update you with a detail added to the critical worker guidance on Friday afternoon, ‘Children with at least one parent or carer who is a critical worker can go to school or college if required, but parents and carers should keep their children at home if they can.’

    Acknowledging the higher than expected numbers of pupils attending school, and concerns about community transmission rates, Matt Hancock has now urged key workers not to send their children to school if they can manage at home. The health secretary told Sky News: “If you’re a key worker and your partner doesn’t work then you shouldn’t be sending your children to school. That’s clear in the guidance.”

    I  understand the latest statement from Matt Hancock will only apply to a few families. I am not sending this information to make parents feel guilty or to contradict information that employers have sent out – these are challenging times for everyone, but I have a responsibility to share guidance with you and urge parents not send their children to school whilst transmission rates are so high unless it is necessary.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,

    Mr Cresswell



    NB Please read Thursday's blog if you missed it: PROOF OF CRITICAL WORKER STATUS

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  • Critical Worker Update (Sunday 10th Jan)

    Published 10/01/21

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    When I last wrote to you on Thursday, schools were still waiting for guidance from the government following the Prime Minister’s announcement to close schools to most pupils from Tuesday 5th January. Further guidance did arrive late on Thursday afternoon, and then again at 5.30pm on Friday.

    In the most recent update, found here, the government has added the following sentence, ‘Children with at least one parent or carer who is a critical worker can go to school or college if required, but parents and carers should keep their children at home if they can.’

    Having spoken to several parents about critical worker provision last week, I am I no doubt that parents are taking this matter seriously and trying to support us in keeping numbers low in school – this is hugely appreciated. However, in the light of the latest guidance and the data we have all seen over the weekend about Covid-19 cases across the country, please review any days you have booked in school next week and only send your child if he \ she cannot access their learning safely from home.

    If you do send your child to school next week, please be assured that we understand this is necessary and we are very happy to support you at this incredibly challenging time for our country. It is my hope that reported cases will fall over the next week or so and that we will no longer have to ask critical workers to be so cautious about sending their children to school. 

    Many thanks for your ongoing support – over the course of last week, many parents offered encouraging words that were greatly appreciated by everyone at Crossdale.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Cresswell


    NB Please read Thursday's blog if you missed it: PROOF OF CRITICAL WORKER STATUS


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  • Do you have any unwanted laptops?

    Published 08/01/21

    Do you have any old, unwanted laptops you could donate?

    We can repurpose old laptops for free into usable devices to help our children!

    Some of the children at our school would benefit from us having some old laptops we could give them for home learning during lockdown as they haven’t one at home. We are having to loan them school ones but we don’t have enough!

     We are working with the charity Retech ( to repurpose old laptops into simple devices that will enable children to access Home Learning during lockdown. The charity will professionally wipe the laptop of all old files, software and operating systems so there are no data security worries. The laptop will then get new software installed on it and be given to a child who we know needs one for their home learning and future homework. The charity can re-purpose almost any laptop, don’t think yours will be too old!

    Ideally we would like the laptop to come with a power lead, but without is ok. Even if you just have old power leads, please donate them, they may help us.

    Please drop them off at our school if you can. Come to the office (in school hours) and someone will come and collect it from you. If you can’t get to school, but have one you want to donate, just email or call us. We will organise someone to collect it from you.

    Please forward the poster below to friends and family!

    Many thanks :-)


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  • Proof of critical worker status

    Published 07/01/21

    7th Jan 2021

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  • Device and Internet Access Survey

    Published 07/01/21

    We wish to try to build a picture of the levels of internet access pupils have available to them and also the devices they are using and sharing when undertaking home learning. This will help inform our plans for home learning and how we source and deploy available resources. 

    Please click this link and complete the survey - it may help Crossdale obtain more devices, or get improved access to the Internet, for our children. This could really help many of our families at this time. 

    All information that is gathered will only be used for the purposes identified above and will be destroyed once it has been used for this purpose. As with any information we gather it may be shared with the Department for Education but this will be as per their published privacy notices and data collection procedures and rules. 

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  • Home Learning and Critical Workers

    Published 05/01/21

    Dear Parents,

    Many thanks for your support over the last 24 hours as we have responded to the latest Government announcement about the national lockdown.

    Home learning

    The home learning provision we will be offering is centred around the SeeSaw app – hopefully this will now be familiar to most of you following its use last term. Each day, there will be links to activities and further links to videos that offer explanations of lesson content. Teachers will offer feedback using  SeeSaw, with more detailed feedback on one piece of work per day, and will create short videos of themselves to encourage and motivate the children. Oak National Academy and White Rose maths video lessons will be used - they are recommended by the Department for Education and were created by the government, at huge expense, to support home learning during the current pandemic. Parents will be able to use class emails to ask their child’s class teacher questions.

    Some parents have asked why Crossdale doesn’t offer live lessons. I have asked all schools in Equals Trust this morning if they offer live lessons – no schools that have replied offer live lessons and all intend to use the videos that Crossdale children will be able to access. However, we are reviewing the potential use of Teams or Zoom to create an opportunity for classes to connect, for children at home and at school.

    Critical Worker Status

    Many thanks to those parents that completed our critical worker survey so promptly, allowing us to plan our critical worker provision. It is clear that far more parents have identified themselves as critical workers this year compared to the previous lockdown. Today, every teacher is in school teaching their own year group bubble and, with some support from a teaching assistant, managing home learning at the same time. Numbers last year meant that we could dedicate some staff to teaching in school and other staff to supporting home learning – this is not the case at the moment.

    As we get advice and guidance about bubble sizes and risk assessments, the larger numbers may become hard to manage alongside supporting home learning – we hope not! If numbers do continue to grow, we may have to ask critical workers to obtain a letter from their employer to confirm their status. In the meantime, please only book the critical worker provision if necessary to fulfil your critical worker role.

    We will send a critical worker booking form for next week later today. For the rest of this week, we are expecting those children identified on yesterday’s survey in school. Many thanks for your help with this – please call us if you would like to discuss critical worker provision.

    I hope you and your families remain well during these challenging times.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Cresswell

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    Published 04/01/21

    Following the Prime Minister's announcement this evening, Crossdale will be closed to most pupils tomorrow. Provision will be in place for critical workers. If you completed our critical worker survey this morning or yesterday evening, your child will be on the register and we will be expecting them.

    We will also be in touch with children who might be classed as vulnerable about provision in school.

    Online learning will be in place for those children at home who cannot attend school.

    Windmills is open for breakfast club tomorrow and we will update you about Windmills wrap around provision going forward in the coming days. 

    School dinners will be available as normal.

    All pupils in school tomorrow start at 9am and finish at 3.30pm.

    Windmills preschool is open as normal for all pupils and we will update you about preschool going forward.

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  • Important update for tomorrow

    Published 04/01/21

    Dear Parents,

    I would once again like to apologise for the inconvenience and disruption caused by the closure of Crossdale today. To allow as many children as possible to attend school, we have spent yesterday evening and today reviewing the resources and options available to us.

    Decisions about provision have been made based on the age of the pupils, resources and staff available and systems that have previously worked well. We have also spoken at length to staff members throughout the day. As such, our plans have had to change several times today - apologies for the late notice.

    Year Group




    Tue-Fri - fully open to all pupils.


    Keyworker vulnerable pupils enter via normal entrance at 9:00am (finish at 3:30pm).


    All other pupils enter via the Hive at 9:05am (finish at 3:35pm).



    Mrs Ingle/Mrs Mellor & Mrs Deegan


    Mr Pharaoh & Mrs Mansour/Mrs Oliver


    8:50am – 3:20pm

    Fully open to all pupils.

    Mrs Morgan

    Mrs Westie & Mrs Ogilvy


    9:00am – 3:30pm

    Fully open to all pupils.

    Mrs Jones & Miss Holder


    Mrs Payne


    8:55am – 3:25pm

    Fully open to all pupils.

    Mrs Westie (Tuesday)

    Miss Seedhouse (Wed & Fri am & all-day Thursday)

    Miss Hayes (Wed & Fri pm)


    9:05am – 3:35pm

    Fully open to all pupils.

    Mrs Phoenix


    8:55am – 3:25pm

    Fully open to all pupils.

    Mr Brierley & Miss Powell



    8:50am – 3:20pm

    Fully open to all pupils.

    Mr McKenna teaching remotely via Teams with Mr Sanders/Mrs Oliver supervising.

    *NB Keyworker and vulnerable children only include the children included on the register that closed at 9.30am this morning. They will be the only children we are expecting where they are referenced. Please call school if you have any questions about key workers / vulnerable children.

    This model of provision requires  additional resources and we may not be able to replicate it in coming weeks. However, we are hoping that government guidance emerges this week that allows us to return to a more typical timetable as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that this model also has little room for contingency so any unforeseen circumstances may mean things need to change.

     We will update you later this week with details of provision from 11th Jan.

    Also, please also note new start and finish times (two in the Year Reception class) which will hopefully reduce congestion on the playground.

    Windmills Childcare will be available for Breakfast and Afterschool club as normal from tomorrow.

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  • Vulnerable Children and Critical Worker Survey

    Published 03/01/21

    Further to my earlier blog post (click here if you haven't seen it) please complete the survey below if you believe your child(ren) are classed as vulnerable or if your job role is classed as critical. More information can be found here.

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