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Larsen's Pride

Dear Parents and Carers,

At school today, your child has heard the inspiring story of 5-year-old Larsen, who used his imagination to dream up an amazing way to make a difference in a big, grown-up world:

Larsen’s Super Slideathon – a marathon of 26 slides in a day!

Larsen’s first ‘Slideathon’ raised money for the hospital where he was being treated for his poorly eye (a brain tumour) in 2019. And since then, the challenge has grown year on year, with more families, schools and nurseries getting involved. The event now raises money for Larsen’s Pride, our charity, set up in memory of Larsen and with the aim of improving the lives of other children with brain tumours in England and Wales.

This year marks the Slideathon’s 4th anniversary and we are hoping to make it the biggest and best year yet!

We are so pleased that Crossdale has signed up to take part this year as Larsen was a very good friend of Rafe and his family. If your child would like to take on the challenge over the Easter holidays, you will find a sponsorship sheet attached to this blog post and the JustGiving campaign details. 

If you would like to know more about our charity, what they do and how your fundraising will make a difference, please check out our website at the top of this page.

All information shared with children today is detailed in the PowerPoint below.

Thank you so much – and super sliding!

Larsen’s Pride