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Information about concussion


Dear parent/guardian,


The Children’s Brain Injury Team at Nottingham Children’s Hospital has requested that all schools write to parents/carers to ask that school are informed if your child experiences a concussion. Concussion is a traumatic brain injury which is usually caused by hitting the head or a fall. It can happen at any time, anywhere: for example during sports, in the school playground, or at home.  Advice on recognising concussion can be found in the attached leaflet below (ACoRN).

If a concussion is suspected, it must always be taken seriously. It is important that any child/young person should immediately be stopped from continuing whatever activity they are doing and be assessed by a medical professional for diagnosis and guidance.  A second concussion can be extremely serious.

Medical advice should be sought before your child returns to school/sports. The ACoRN leaflet shares information about a safe return.

Concussion may also affect your child‘s ability to learn at school.  As symptoms vary from child to child, a phased return to school programme might be needed. 

If your child suffers a concussion in school or outside school, it is vitally important that you keep all people/organisations with responsibility for caring for your child informed so that they are aware of the potential dangers and any restrictions that may apply to the activities your child is permitted to do.

Keeping everyone informed about concussion is in your child’s best interests and parents/guardians have a key role in making sure that information is passed on to their child’s teacher, sports coach, youth leader or other care provider.

Yours sincerely,

P Cresswell

Executive Head teacher