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Stay Safe!

Nottinghamshire County Council  information on social distancing

The school received information from the LA in regards to concerns over social distancing and we would like to draw your attention to this with the summary message below...


‘There have been increasing reports of children being seen to be mixing outside in the community in local parks and shopping areas as well as visiting other households. The government has made it clear that households should not be mixing during this period, except under certain conditions, including the forming of ‘childcare bubbles’ which should only be with one other household.


School staff are understandably worried about the impact of such actions on their own health and safety, as well as the safety of the children within school bubbles. In the absence of any specific guidance on this topic from the government, I would emphasise the importance of parents’ role in keeping children, and the adults who support them, safe during the pandemic.


Please adhere to the  current national restrictions and that any breaches by children attending the school will be viewed as jeopardising the health and wellbeing of the school bubble and relevant staff and as such will place them at risk of losing their keyworker/vulnerable child place in school.’



Peter Cresswell (Executive Headteacher)