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Important update for tomorrow

Dear Parents,

I would once again like to apologise for the inconvenience and disruption caused by the closure of Crossdale today. To allow as many children as possible to attend school, we have spent yesterday evening and today reviewing the resources and options available to us.

Decisions about provision have been made based on the age of the pupils, resources and staff available and systems that have previously worked well. We have also spoken at length to staff members throughout the day. As such, our plans have had to change several times today - apologies for the late notice.

Year Group




Tue-Fri - fully open to all pupils.


Keyworker vulnerable pupils enter via normal entrance at 9:00am (finish at 3:30pm).


All other pupils enter via the Hive at 9:05am (finish at 3:35pm).



Mrs Ingle/Mrs Mellor & Mrs Deegan


Mr Pharaoh & Mrs Mansour/Mrs Oliver


8:50am – 3:20pm

Fully open to all pupils.

Mrs Morgan

Mrs Westie & Mrs Ogilvy


9:00am – 3:30pm

Fully open to all pupils.

Mrs Jones & Miss Holder


Mrs Payne


8:55am – 3:25pm

Fully open to all pupils.

Mrs Westie (Tuesday)

Miss Seedhouse (Wed & Fri am & all-day Thursday)

Miss Hayes (Wed & Fri pm)


9:05am – 3:35pm

Fully open to all pupils.

Mrs Phoenix


8:55am – 3:25pm

Fully open to all pupils.

Mr Brierley & Miss Powell



8:50am – 3:20pm

Fully open to all pupils.

Mr McKenna teaching remotely via Teams with Mr Sanders/Mrs Oliver supervising.

*NB Keyworker and vulnerable children only include the children included on the register that closed at 9.30am this morning. They will be the only children we are expecting where they are referenced. Please call school if you have any questions about key workers / vulnerable children.

This model of provision requires  additional resources and we may not be able to replicate it in coming weeks. However, we are hoping that government guidance emerges this week that allows us to return to a more typical timetable as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that this model also has little room for contingency so any unforeseen circumstances may mean things need to change.

 We will update you later this week with details of provision from 11th Jan.

Also, please also note new start and finish times (two in the Year Reception class) which will hopefully reduce congestion on the playground.

Windmills Childcare will be available for Breakfast and Afterschool club as normal from tomorrow.