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COVID-19 during the Xmas holiday?


Over the first few days of the holiday, schools have been asked to help coordinate Public Health England’s response to any positive cases of Covid-19 amongst school age children.

As such, if your child has a confirmed case before the 25th December, please contact us using letting us know:

  • Your child’s name and class
  • When he / she was last in school
  • When he / she started to show symptoms
  • When he / she had a test
  • When the positive result was confirmed

We will then contact members of staff and other children who might need to self-isolate.

After the 24th, you should follow NHS advice and, if appropriate, let us know on the first day back, the 4th January, that your child is self-isolating following a positive test result.

NHS advice can be found here:

Further details:

  • If we are notified of a positive test by 24th December, and the child’s first symptoms occurred no less than 48 hours after their last day attending school (20th December, if child attended on the 18th) we will attempt to trace contacts of that child in school, as per government advice, and following any further advice. We will usually email any contacts, so please do check emails regularly.
  • If a positive test result occurs after the 24th December, or symptoms occur 48 hours after the last attendance in school, we will not do any tracing as per government guidance. Track and trace will perform any tracing in these circumstances. However, please still let us know of a positive result. The graphic below may explain this more effectively.