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Parent Update: 29th October 2020

Please read the following information carefully. We want to keep our school open and need your support to help us do this!

Start and Finish Times

Please remember that we are trialling our new start and finish times from Monday 2nd November 2020. More information can be found by clicking here.

Given that we are now entering into Tier 3, we strongly advise parents to be mindful of social distancing, wearing a face covering and ensuring that you follow the school procedures on start and finish times. If the new five minute gap drop-offs is not successful, we will revert to the 10 minute drop-off times used prior to half term.


We will be continuing to follow ventilation guidance from the DfE.  The latest guidance reinforces the importance of ventilation but also clarifies how to ventilate the building whilst maintaining a comfortable working environment: 

“natural ventilation – opening windows (in cooler weather windows should be opened just enough to provide constant background ventilation, and opened more fully during breaks to purge the air in the space). Opening internal doors can also assist with creating a throughput of air. 

To balance the need for increased ventilation while maintaining a comfortable temperature, the following measures should also be used as appropriate:  

  • opening high level windows in preference to low level to reduce draughts  
  • increasing the ventilation while spaces are unoccupied (e.g. between classes, during break and lunch, when a room is unused)  
  • providing flexibility to allow additional, suitable indoor clothing.
  • rearranging furniture where possible to avoid direct drafts  
  • Heating should be used as necessary to ensure comfort levels are maintained particularly in occupied spaces.”


Regarding uniform, please ensure your child is wearing school uniform, but allow them to wear additional layers to ensure they stay warm and comfortable. We suggest that children wear their school jumper and a school fleece as well as bringing a warm coat, hat and gloves for break-times.

Home Learning

It is really important that you have access to Seesaw in the event of school bubble closures. Information is available on the school website about this - click here.

Rainbow Rules and Hand Washing

Prior to your child / children returning to school, please recap the Rainbow Rules and the importance of good hand washing.

A copy of the Rainbow Rules can be found below.

Class email

Class emails – please use this for general queries and for passing information to your child’s class teacher. Please remember that you shouldn’t be approaching staff on the playground. When sharing your child’s work, this should be done on Seesaw.

Christmas Production

Unfortunately, this year we are unable to present a Christmas Production. Instead classes will be presenting a filmed Christmas message which will be posted on the class blog pages in the last week of term. Although this will be different to our usual Crossdale performance, we hope it will still spread a little festive cheer.