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Cycling to School - ROAD SAFETY

We are delighted that more families are choosing to cycle to school. Reducing traffic on the roads and encouraging our children to exercise is something we are keen to support. 

However, we have noticed some children cycling in a way that might put them, and others, at risk of injury:

· Cycling on the wrong side of the road

· NOT wearing a helmet

· Cycling 'no-hands' without holding the handlebars

We are increasingly worried that a child could be seriously hurt. If your child cycles to school, please reassure yourself that he / she is competent at cycling on roads and follows basic road safety measures.

Please note, The Child Safety (Cycle Helmets) Bill 2020 is currently working its way through Parliament which will require, by law, children under the age of 16 to wear a safety helmet when riding a bicycle on a public highway.