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16th Memorial Walk

 16th Memorial Walk......... AROUND KEYWORTH in aid of Cancer Research on

Even with lockdown being eased, social distancing and bans on mass gatherings to limit the spread of covid19 will still apply for some time to avoid a second peak.

So it is with deep regret that we have taken the decision to CANCEL this year’s 5km walk around the Regatta Lake at Holme Pierrepont which we had planned for Wed 24th June. This is the first year we have had to cancel. This totally inclusive walk was started by parents at Crossdale Drive Primary School in 2005 in memory of Moira Kelly and has grown into a community event involving groups such as Scouts, Girlguiding and the Keyworth & District Footpaths Association. Many of you will not know Moira. She was diagnosed with breast cancer whilst pregnant and sadly died at the age of 40 after a brave fight. Imagine the shock, and the effect on family, friends and the community. She was a practising nurse, wife to Steve Wong and mother to three young girls - Alice, Emily and Isabel.

Over the years, this simple event has raised over £12,000 in aid of Cancer Research UK, the world's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. They continually find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

As we write, we hear that charities are struggling in the present economic climate. So instead, to show your support as an individual or as a family, for one day in June, we suggest as part of your daily exercise routine/walking the dog, you could incorporate a circuit around Keyworth (if you are able) equivalent to the 5km around the Regatta Lake (approx one hour moderate pace walking). A suggested circular route would be Nottingham Rd-Selby Lane-Willowbrook-Nicker Hill-Normanton Lane, but don’t feel you have to do it all. Obviously this would be quicker if you decide to run or cycle. Please comply with current government guidelines on social distancing, keep your 2 metre distance at all times and wash your hands when you return home. For non residents of Keyworth, you could do a similar walk in your local area.

If you are self isolating/shielding and unable to leave your home for health reasons, don’t feel left out.  In previous years, people have had ingenious ideas to get around the lake, eg. skipping, skating, skateboarding, walking backwards, wheelchairs, babies in back-carriers or pushchairs....and even unicycling. During the current crisis, people have run the equivalent of a marathon in their back garden and have walked up and down the stairs to the height of Everest. We are not suggesting you do that! ...  you could try the 2.6 challenge, which is performing any activity based on the numbers 2 and 6, eg. you could bake 2x6 cupcakes (and eat them!), 26 skips or push ups (or 2!), yoga or just sit back, reflect and contemplate for 2, 6 or 26 minutes! For more ideas see

Whatever you decide, this event is not just for Moira, but for any sufferers or carers affected by cancer, past or present. Let us know what you have done - please share and /or donate at: or on the Spotted Keyworth Facebook page.

KEEP SAFE. We hope to see you next year. Together we can make a difference.