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Keydale news #3


Welcome to the Keydale News – whilst the schools are closed, and we are working from one site together, we will issue a regular newsletter to try and keep you up to date with what’s happening in school and to hopefully try and help support those of you at home!

Each class from both schools still has their blog pages where information for your child’s class will be shared; please ensure you subscribe to this by clicking the link at the top of the page. If you aren’t receiving notifications of blog entries, please check that you are subscribed to the blog page or speak to your child’s class teacher; this is an important way to stay up-to-date with what your child weekly writing tasks as well as additional resources for learning at home as well as sharing other important information to you.

Best Wishes,

Mr. Cresswell & the KPNS and Crossdale Teams

Check in survey

Thanks for completing our ‘check in' Survey. Although we've been trying to stay in contact with as many of our families as possible, this can be tricky with reduced staffing. The check in survey is our way of touching base with every family, allowing us to contact you if you need help with anything. There will be another check in survey in two weeks. Meanwhile, we are now working through the replies to our first ‘check in’....

Don't forget, you can contact us by emailing or You can also email your child's class teacher directly using our new class emails.

Coronavirus A book for children

Axel Scheffler, illustrator of The Gruffalo, has contributed to a new ebook: 

There’s a new word you might have heard. You might hear people talking about it or you might hear it on the news. This word is the reason that you’re not going to school. It is the reason you can’t go outside very often or visit your friends. It might be the reason why the grown-up or grown-ups who look after you are at home. But what is it and why is everyone talking about it? The word is Coronavirus...

Click to read the whole book!

Finding it hard to explain coronavirus?

'The-Autism Educator-The-Coronavirus' and 'The Scared Gang Have to Stay at Home' PDFs below are really good ways of explaining coronavirus to younger children or children with a special educational need.


The NHS are still telling us that washing  hands with soap and water often is one of the main ways we can stop the spread of coronavirus. CLICK HERE to watch the NHS video we have been using in school to help children wash their hands thoroughly.

Acts of kindness make the world a happier place

CLICK HERE to read about how you can get involved with random acts of kindness. We'd love to hear about any random acts of kindness your children get involved with!

Children’s letter

We’ve written another letter for your children – we’d love you to share it with them so they know we’re thinking about them. Click here

Extra maths?

We’ve heard good things about this website, which is free during the coronavirus outbreak, if you’d like an extra resource to support your child’s maths progress whilst at home.


CLICK HERE for ideas from Childline.