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Easter Packs!

Happy Friday to all our super families!

It has been another busy week in school and at home and we have now reached the ‘Easter Holidays’! As a special little treat, and to support with some physical resources, we have our lovely Keydale team delivering a batch of home learning packs over the coming days. (We have followed the guidance from the Royal Mail around cross-contamination).

We have had lots of questions about if home learning should continue over Easter and our advice to you would be to do what is best for your family. Some families will want to maintain the new routine they have now created, where’s others will feel that they need a break. There is no wrong answer.

As a school we will continue to provide the learning opportunities and resources we have done over the last few weeks, so feel free to dip into them if you would like to. Otherwise, filling your Easter days with playing, baking, chilling and of course eating chocolate is a great alternative!

Keep checking the blog for information on upcoming projects, we'll try to do a new one each week!

Also, as children are spending more time online during lockdown  we are posting weekly e-safety updates on the Equals Trust website

Attached is our weekly letter to the children, please take the time to read it with them.

Have a lovely, sunny weekend

Keep safe and be kind.

Mr Cresswell and the 'Keydale' Team