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2019 Crossdale 10k and Fun Run

2019, the 20th anniversary of the Crossdale 10k and Fun Run, saw the wettest and most challenging conditions we have seen for over a decade. Many runners were calling it a 'Tough-Mudder'! However, in spite of the apocalyptic weather forecast, the sun shone and everyone had a great time!

Sam Oldham, ex-Crossdale pupil and Olympic medal winner, came along to lead the warm-up and give out the medals. Thanks Sam - you are an inspiration to all the pupils at Crossdale!

A special thank you to all the volunteers who were able to help ensure the event took place again this year. You know the 'Crossdale Family' is a real thing when you see parents, helpers and staff give up their entire weekend, starting before 7am on Saturday and Sunday, to show Crossdale at its very best for the many visitors who look forward to joining us every year. An extra special thank you to the 2 different Crossdale parents who both drove over 100 miles before dawn to be at school ready to play their part! This event spreads positive vibes about our wonderful school across the county and beyond!


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