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DoodleTables EasTer Challenge!

Come and join the #DoodleMathsChallenge

Can you work out the secret phrase? 

Kids need to:
  • Use DoodleTables each day for 14 days in a row from the 8th April - 21 April 2019

  • Each day a new Easter Egg will appear in DoodleTables within the Learn questions containing a secret letter. When an egg is found, children simply need to smash it open to reveal a letter which belongs to the secret phrase. On the home screen of the app, children will find another egg - the letters will automatically be added in here to help them work out the secret phrase.
Adults need to:
  • Post on social media twice, tagging @DoodleMaths and using the hashtag #DoodleMathsChallenge.

  • Your posts can either be a comment about your child or a photo of them using DoodleTables or DoodleMaths - your child doesn't have to be recognisable in the photo! Don't forget to tag us and use the hashtag!

    If you do not use social media please email us at
To claim your reward

Simply fill in the form. We'll verify your competition entry and, if valid, send your child their reward! If your child has a school account, we will send their prize to their school to award.

We must receive all entries by Wednesday 24 April at 12 noon.

Good luck and Happy Doodling!

Mrs Westie :)