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Wanted: local ex-pitmen for school visit

Year 5 are looking for ex-pitmen to interview about their experiences.

Hello all,

Year 5 are currently digging deep into their learning about mining and natural resources. As part of our learning focuses on the lives and work of the pitmen, I think it would be brilliant if the children could get the chance to meet and interview a real life ex-pitman. It would be amazing to learn from a first-hand account!

For context, we have so far discussed the art of The Ashington Group - The Pitmen Painters, and used their images to infer what life was like for a 1950/60s, working-class pitman. This does not, however, mean we can only discuss this time period - any experience / knowledge even from more recent times is welcome.

If you happen to know of any family member who would be willing to volunteer 1 hour of their time in the Year 5 classroom at Crossdale, on any day of the week beginning Monday 11th January, please either email or speak directly to myself any afternoon on the playground!

Any help would be much appreciated, as working with our local community is always something we strive to find opportunities for at Crossdale,

Thank you,

Miss Rodriguez
(Year 5 Teacher)