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Final information for music evening

Doors open from 6, clothing information

Hi all, please see the information below. It contains some of the final details / information for music evening. All children have been informed of these points so please see below for your reference. Looking forward to tomorrow's performances.
•    Doors will open at 6pm, therefore please arrive at 6pm to set up your instrument ready to perform. 
•    Children playing recorders will set up in the music room – they will be one of the first acts -therefore, as our youngest performers, will be able to head back home after performing for bedtime. If your child is one of the recorder players, please direct them to the music room where their Rattle and Roll teacher will be ready to help them set up.
•    The other performers are to head to the back of the hall where they will be able to get set up for their performances. 
•    Clothing - please wear a white t-shirt and dark trousers (you can wear your white school T-shirt and school trousers – probably the easiest option!).
•    We will do a rehearsal on Thursday 3rd May, therefore if you play an instrument, please bring your instrument and music to school with you on Thursday morning. 
•    Tickets: as detailed on the blog, all tickets that were requested have been granted, even if you asked for more than just two on your forms. We will not be issuing paper tickets this year; if you have requested a ticket then you may just turn up. If you have not sent back the ticket request letter please contact the office as we are at full capacity!