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  • Covid-19 - sharing information with school

    Published 03/10/21

    With lots of children taking PCR tests this weekend, we would be very grateful if you could use our to:

    • Let us know about any positive test results
    • Ask any questions about covid-19

    This will help us, if required, to work with the local health protection team and communicate effectively with our parents.

    If we don't hear from you, we'll assume any test results are negative and that you have all the information you need.

    Best regards,


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  • Harvest 2021

    Published 19/09/21

    Take a look at the poster attached for information about our Harvest celebrations this year.

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  • Back to school!

    Published 27/08/21

    We are looking forward to welcoming the children back to school on Thursday 2nd September. We hope they have had a really good summer and are excited about seeing their friends and teachers again back in school.

    When the children return to school, we will be following the government’s latest covid-19 guidance. The guidance is considerably less prescriptive than we have become used to and is based on the following control measures:

    1. Ensure good hygiene for everyone.
    2. Maintain appropriate cleaning regimes.
    3. Keep occupied spaces well ventilated.
    4. Follow public health advice on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of COVID-19.


    Day to day, we will be ensuring the children wash or sanitise their hands frequently and, in addition to the government’s measures, we will be keeping children in ‘base’ bubbles for lunches, breaks and assemblies. It would really help us if parents could talk to their children about hand washing and also ‘catch-it, bin-it, kill-it’ when children are using tissues to blow their noses.

    We will continue to use our ‘Rainbow Rules’, and will talk to the children about how they apply to the current situation. Please also take time to discuss these with your children.


    • Distance – We keep a social distance between our base bubbles when we work and play.
    • Cover – Cough, blow or sneeze? Catch it, kill it, bin it.
    • Speak up – Tell someone if you feel poorly.
    • Wash and Avoid – Wash hands or sanitise for 20 seconds and try not to touch your face.
    • Personalise – Only use your own equipment that you share in your base.
    • Wellbeing – Share your worries, whatever they are.

    For the autumn term, we will revert to our rolling start to the day with children arriving between 8.50 and 9am and going straight into class. We have removed our one-way system but will open the larger gates to create more space when children arrive at school – we would ask all parents to be mindful of social distancing. Face coverings are optional.

    Please remember that government advice continues to state that children should not come into school if they have symptoms of covid-19 or have had a positive test result.

    If you have any questions about the return to school, particularly if your child has any specific health issues, please contact us on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

    Best regards,

    The Crossdale Team

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  • Covid-19 Reminder

    Published 19/07/21

    Dear Parents,

    I hope you’ve had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine!

    In response to some questions from parents this morning, I wanted to reiterate the message sent out last week regarding our current measures to reduce the spread covid-19.

    DfE guidance given last week clearly states, ‘If your school is still open at Step 4, you may wish to continue with [existing] measures until the end of your summer term.’ In accordance with this, all our current measures remain in place. This includes children working in bubbles and also the closure of bubbles in response to a positive case.

    At this stage of the year, different schools and local authorities are responding to the updated guidance in different ways, and you may hear different information about schools’ responses in the media and from family and friends. However, the legal advice we have been given makes it clear that our school can work for this final week of term in accordance with our existing risk assessments.

    We do expect things to be different in September, with schools being less responsible for managing Covid-19 – the NHS seem likely to take more of a lead for managing school infections from that point. We hope this means school life will be less disturbed by covid-19. However, guidance is ever changing and often late to arrive in schools, so we will give parents an update in late August regarding our September plans.

    Kind regards,

    Mr Cresswell

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  • Covid Measures, wb 19/7/21

    Published 16/07/21

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    You will all be aware that the covid-19 guidance in England changes on Monday. Although many schools across the country close for the summer today, most schools in Nottinghamshire will remain open next week. Schools that remain open past the 19th July will need to continue to manage the covid situation amongst pupils and staff.

    Guidance received yesterday confirms that schools remaining open after the 19th July can retain existing covid procedures to help contain the spread of the virus, hopefully leading to fewer children needing to isolate at the beginning of the school holidays. As a result, adults on the school site should continue to wear a face covering and observe all other existing measures. Existing measures in school for pupils and staff will also be retained. As ever, your support with this is greatly appreciated and very important.

    The guidance is still be clarified as this update is written, so we will update you further next week if necessary.

    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

    Kind regards,

    Mr Cresswell

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  • Order Sports Day photos of your children

    Published 15/07/21

    Support our fantastic PTA and order Sports Day photos of your children. 

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  • A letter from our CEO...

    Published 09/07/21

    July 2021

    Dear parents and carers,

    As we near the end of the summer term and indeed the end of the academic year, we would like to thank you for supporting your school throughout the continuing pandemic. It has been a year very different to any other and there have been more challenges to overcome than any other in memory. Your Head Teacher, staff and governors have worked incredibly hard to organise your school so that it has remained open and at the same time been as safe as possible.

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  • Late start on Monday?

    Published 09/07/21

    Your family may be planning on staying up late on Sunday to watch England’s first major men's football final in 55 years. If you are planning to let your children experience the match, we want to support you by offering a slightly later start time to school on Monday 12th July. We would rather have children rested and in school ready to learn rather than absent or grumpy!

    School will start at the normal time on Monday but children arriving up to 10.30 will not be marked late and will not miss any crucial lessons. Staff will be in school as normal.

    To help us with our planning, we would like ALL families to complete the dinner register here (please click to complete the form) BEFORE Monday – we won’t be able to prepare hot meals if we don’t have that information.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the match - is football coming home?!

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  • Road Safety - please read

    Published 30/06/21

    I received the email below from a concerned parent this morning - it is typical of communications I regularly receive whereby parents and members of the community share serious road safety concerns. 

    I hope with all my heart that it doesn't take an accident to make motorists exercise more caution on the roads near Crossdale.

    Best regards,

    Mr Cresswell

    'Please can I request that a communication goes out to all parents to remind them that if they have to drive to school, to do so courteously, patiently and with consideration to the many children that cycle to and from school. 

    Having cycled to school with my child for the last 18 months, how there hasn’t been an accident yet is beyond me.  Today's driver that squeezed past before immediately turning across us, forcing us to brake hard - only saving 20 seconds in dropping the kids right at the school gate. '




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  • Covid-19: Important Update

    Published 21/06/21

    21 June 2021

    Dear Parents,

    In light of the increase in positive covid-19 cases in the Keyworth area observed over the last week, we are reintroducing the staggered start and end to the day.

    We are aware that community groups are being approached and asked to suspend extra-curricular activities in the evenings and weekends while cases stabilise. Consequently, we are currently reviewing our other measures in school to reduce contact opportunities between different bubbles and ensure potential cases are kept to a minimum.

    We will keep you updated over the coming days. In the meantime, please ensure that only one adult comes to school at drop off and collection time, that you wear a face covering on site and that you stick closely to the start and end times below.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    Best regards,


    Year Group 






    Year One 



    Year Two 



    Year Three 



    Year Four 



    Year Five 



    Year Six 



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    Published 28/05/21

    There appears to be a little confusion over which tests to use in different situations. Hopefully, the following should help. The general rule is:

    • Rapid Lateral Flow Tests - Only for people who do not have symptoms
    • PCR Tests - Mainly for people with symptoms

    Extra Information:



    • These are taken at home twice a week (every 3 to 4 days) to check if you have the virus because about 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not have symptoms. You can order them here
    • Rapid Lateral Flow tests give a result in 30 minutes using a device similar to a pregnancy test.
    • You should always book a PCR test if you receive a positive Rapid Lateral Flow Tests



    Get a PCR test as soon as possible if you have any of these symptoms:

    • a high temperature
    • a new, continuous cough
    • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

    You and anyone you live with should stay at home until you get your test result. Only leave your home to have a test.

    You should always book a PCR test if you receive a positive Rapid Lateral Flow Test

    PCR tests are sent to a lab to be checked – you can book one here

    There are some additional circumstances when a PCR is appropriate, sometimes when no symptoms are present – click here


    For even more information about Covid testing, Click here for the NHS site – ‘Get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19)’

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