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  • Crossdale Science Fair March 2018

    Published 16/02/18

    Hello all, information went home tonight with the children about the Crossdale Science Fair. The Science Fair will run again this year, on Tuesday 27th March, after school. The information letter is attached here should it not have reached home, along with the information cards for the different projects. We also need volunteers to help run a project stall - this would involve helping the children to talk about their project with the others in their group, and to usher them out for the volcano and rocket launch. Thank you in advance for your support with this event - after the excitement of the Science Fair last year, we are looking forward to seeing what the children have investigated and created this year. 

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    Published 15/02/18

    Hello all, after half term, choir will be transforming into a music club where children will make and play instruments as well as singing. The first session will take place Monday 26th February, straight after school. As the club will run on Mondays after school, letters containing permission slips and further information have already gone home with children who have expressed an interest in joining the club, but should you require another letter then it is attached here.

    Places are limited so please ensure that your letter is back by the first Monday back after half term. Thanks. 

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  • Book Week 2018

    Published 14/02/18

    Book Week 2018 - 26.01.18-02.02.18

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  • Choir: MAT concert March 2018

    Published 13/02/18

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  • Keep children safe on Crossdale Drive

    Published 29/01/18

    Dear Parents and Carers,

    We have written to you in the past with our concerns about a child being killed or injured on Crossdale Drive due to reckless and / or inconsiderate motorists bringing their children to school. The situation seems as bad as ever and we have recently received a number of complaints from concerned residents, visitors and parents. The note below was received this week and is typical of the concerns expressed by residents.

    Please consider this matter very carefully and drive around Crossdale Drive in a way that is considerate to residents and mindful of children’s safety.

    The document attached below details ways you might be able to help improve the situation.


    Mr Cresswell & Miss Seedhouse


    Note received by school Jan 2018:

    As a constant user of Crossdale Drive (my elderly mother lives there ), I would like to comment on the number of cars parking on the road. Parents are not always considerate to driveways and although I try to avoid school drop off and pick up times it is sometimes necessary to access my mother’s house at these times. She has limited walking ability now and I need to park on her drive. This is sometimes impossible due to the proximity of parked cars. 

    I understand all the issues involved with dropping off and picking up children as I have to access this at my local primary with my grand-children. My mother also enjoys the good relationship which the school has with the residents of Crossdale Drive, always being notified of any excess traffic expected due to school events. This is handled well and with sensitivity. 

    However this morning, 22nd January, the parking was very inconsiderate and on attempting to drive around the loop road there were cars parked on either side of the road and it was only just passable with extreme care. It struck me that there would be a very serious issue with an emergency vehicle traversing the route should that be necessary. An ambulance or a fire engine would be unable to pass through. I would not wish a parents car to be damaged in this situation but I think the emergency vehicles may have no choice !!

    I only bring this issues to your notice to bear in mind and remind parents. I do envisage that my mother will be less able in the coming years (she is very elderly ) and the access I need will be more frequent and I will need to be on the drive. Many thanks for your consideration in this matter.

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  • Cycle to Skeggy for charity!?

    Published 18/01/18

    See below for an event planned on 20th May, organised by two Keyworth dads! Get in touch if you'd like to join them - Mr Cresswell is planning to go along!

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  • Young Voices - Information Letter

    Published 14/01/18
    Hello all, A letter went home tonight containing (hopefully) all the information that you need to know for the day of the concert, as I have finally had confirmation of the final details for the day from Young Voices.  A copy of the letter
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  • Crossdale News - December 2017

    Published 14/01/18
    The most recent edition of the Crossdale News can be found below.
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  • Digital Leaders - Update

    Published 14/01/18
    Two children from Years 5 and 6 have been meeting up with representatives from the other Equals Trust schools  to discuss E-Safety and to design and produce an information leaflet themed around digital apps and advice. You can
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  • Happy New Year

    Published 14/01/18
    We hope that you have had a lovely Christmas time and that 2018 has started well for everyone. We look forward to seeing you on Monday 8th January ready for the start of our spring term. Best wishes from the Crossdale Team
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