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Sports Clubs 2021-2022

Dear parent/carer, 

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of the sports clubs which will be running over the academic year. We will be running two sports clubs a week along with occasional club if we need to train for a certain sports competition. These clubs will be in class groups that way if we have to resort to back to some additional COVID restrictions these clubs can hopefully still run. 

These clubs will be rotated through the year groups throughout the year as follows;

Autumn 1 - Year 5&6 

Autumn 2 - Year 3&4 

Spring 1 - Year 1&2

Spring 2 - Year 5&6 

Summer 1 - Year 3&4 

Summer 2 - Year 1&2 

If anyone requires any more information on sports clubs please email 

Many thanks 

Mr Pharoah