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Crossdale sports Leaders!!!

             Crossdale Drive Primary School Sports Leaders


Our school sports leaders will play an important role this year in school. The Crossdale Sports Leaders will become involved in sport and PE within school running clubs, sorting out sports kit, reporting on school sporting events and to help develop sport at Crossdale.


The Crossdale Sports Leaders have received training, which helped to improve their knowledge of sport. The Sports Leaders are now using that knowledge to help run clubs during lunchtimes with Mr Sanders. This helps them develop their communication, leadership and confidence. They meet regularly with Mr Sanders to discuss how sport is going in school, and any areas for improvement to make Crossdale a better place for sport.


Who are the Crossdale Sports Leaders?

  • Hugo Bateson- Ramos
  • Poppy Westmorland
  • Charlie Pride
  • Clara Sharman  


What is Crossdale Sports Leaders?


Crossdale Sports Leaders are a group of young people who will work together to promote, develop and organise school sport


Why do we need Crossdale Sports Leaders?


Crossdale Sports Leaders provides an organised mechanism for young people to do the following:

  • Give advice on decisions about sporting activities and sports competition in their school.
  • Develop school sport outside of lessons.
  • Give opinions and listen to opinions.
  • Effect and progress school sport for their peers.
  • Organise intra-school competitions within their school.
  • Get involved in sporting opportunities
  • Run projects in school time for sport.
  • Act as a role model to their peers.


The Crossdale Sports Leaders should be seen as an essential aspect of improving and developing school sport provision that helps to the needs of the children.