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Murmurations! (& Homework!)

We have been studying collective nouns this week - including murmurations...

In English, we have been studying collective nouns and we have also been using these as inspiration for our work in art where we have been studying the effects we get when using watercolours to paint onto wet (watercolour) paper and dry paper.  We have been practising and developing our understanding of how to use this medium and we hope to create our final pieces this coming week.

The children have continued to be hard-working and magnificent and it was nice to be able to talk about their achievements this week during our parents' evening appointments.


I've attached this weeks' homework and spelling to this post - just in case anyone managed to escape my sustained and energetic efforts to make sure that everyone took these home with them!

Have a great weekend!  (I'm just about to go and watch our storytellers perform at Heymann School.)