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Free Year Six Code Club 

Example of Scratch codeWe have recently been spending some time programming our own computer games and applications using a programming language called Scratch. The children have really enjoyed this work and I have been massively impressed by the confidence and high level of skill they have shown.

Starting next week, I’d like to offer the children a further opportunity to explore programming in a free after-school club - Code Club!

Code Club will help children learn how to program by showing them how to make computer games, animations and websites.

The children will be programming games and applications using the programming languages Scratch and Python. In addition,  we will be creating webpages from scratch using HTML and CSS!

The projects that the children will work on are carefully structured to progressively develop their skills  and their understanding of programming.

The club will start running on Monday 15th January; I’ll run it from 3:30 to 4:30 PM. (If your child is not being collected by a parent / carer after school, we will need to know in advance.) I’ll try to run the club up to the Easter break.

Please note that though I have chosen a day where I do not currently have regular meetings scheduled, there may be occasions when I need to cancel the club. If this is the case, I will give as much notice as possible as I am aware that this can cause inconvenience to you. I will probably not be able to run the club on Monday 29th January and Monday 12th March.

Please get in touch if you have any questions - or if you would like to help out! This afternoon, I have sent home letters with the children who expressed an interest.


Mr McKenna