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Swouth Wolds Transition Visit to Crossdale

Next Wednesday morning  (2/5/18) we will be visited by some staff from South Wolds Academy - along with some year seven students. They will talk to the children about life at secondary school and will answer their questions. We are normally lucky enough to get a former Crossdale pupil back (temporarily) as part of the visit! This session will be of benefit to all year six children - even if they are planning to attend a different secondary school.

Immediately after school (15:30 - 16:30) on the same day, some South Wolds staff will come back to Crossdale and will hold an informal Q&A session. They'll be happy to answer your questions - whether these are general questions about arrangements at South Wolds Academy or questions which are more specific to your own children.

We are currently finalising arrangements for support for transition to South Wolds Academy for year six children; as ever please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. (I think I have spoken to most of you about this at our most recent parents' evenings.)

Have a great weekend!

Mr McKenna