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Leavers' Assembly - Links, Instructions, Etc.

I hope you are all well.

This (longish) blog post will contain the link you will need for the Leavers' Assembly on Thursday at 2pm as well as some instructions for the day.

We are holding the assembly on Zoom so that you will be able to watch it online. We are minimising the number of people in the hall, so it will not be possible for parents, grandparents etc. to attend this year.

The meeting has a capacity for 100 people/devices to log in so it is unlikely we will run out of (online) space! Please feel free to share the links with grandparents etc.

We will share the password for the Zoom session with you by email and you can pass it on to people you know.

I have set up two practice Zoom meetings in advance of the assembly, so you can, if necessary, check that your device works with Zoom and practice turning of your camera and microphone. (The password for both of these practices is Cheese123 .)

The links for these practices and our Leavers' Assembly are below: 

Zoom Basics

Zoom will work on almost all devices. When you click on a link for a Zoom meeting, it will prompt you to open the app or download it. Zoom have provided a very useful guide to getting started.

Instructions for Thursday

Children in Bubble B will already be in school.

Children in Bubble A should try to arrive at school no earlier than 13:30. This will mean that parents will have time to get back home to watch the assembly if they are dropping them off. 

When you log into Zoom you will first of all be given access to a "waiting room" I will let you in to the Zoom session in good time for the assembly. 

Please leave your camera and audio off when you join the meeting. This will make it a little easier for us to manage the meeting. If you forget, we can mute you, but this might be a little distracting on the day.

The assembly will probably last for approximately 45 minutes. If your child is in Bubble A and is being collected from school, please let us know. We will otherwise assume they are making their own way home.

We are planning to record the assembly on Zoom and we may make the link available for this after the assembly for a limited period of time. (We're not sure how well the recording will work, so we'll have a look at it before deciding!)

If you have any questions, please get in touch -