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Further information about next week

Shirt signing and tie-dye

Hi all, I hope you are all having a good weekend so far. Just a few bits of information about next week:

1. Shirt signing: the children have asked if they can still sign shirts this year, so what we are going to do is a socially-distanced shirt sign on the field after the leavers' assembly on Thursday. This will involve the children bringing in the shirt that they want signing, us laying them out in a large circle outside on the field (fingers crossed the weather holds!) and the children moving around the circle with their pen and signing each shirt. This will allow the children to sign each others' shirts whilst still maintaining a 2m distance. Bubble A can bring the shirt they want to sign in on Tuesday so that it is in school for Thursday, and Bubble B can bring in theirs with them on Thursday morning.

2. Tie dying: you will have seen from my blog post on Friday that the children will be doing tie-dye next week as part of their end of term activities. If you have an item that you are happy to have tie dyed, like a t-shirt or pillowcase, then please bring that in next week so that we can do this project. I appreciate that this is short notice, and I do have some white t-shirts spare, but not enough for everyone, so if you could bring something in then that would be amazing! Bubble A need to bring their item in on Monday, and Bubble B on Tuesday.

Thanks for your suport, have a great weekend!