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Leavers' Week!

Details of Y6 Leavers' Week

I hope you are all well! Mr Brierley has once again been very positive about the children in school; they have really been impressing him!

I've prepared a learning mat/map for next week; the main focus will be on activities for Leavers' Week and for transition to secondary school, but I'll add in some maths and English as well.

If you have any school reading books at home please try to get these back into school next week.

The details for Leavers' Week are copied below from the a previous blog post. 

We will circulate the link for the online Leavers' Assembly (Thursday 9th July -  2pm) next week - by email and text. We will also put it on the blog. The password will be sent separately. I'm intending to set up a practice assembly so you can check that you connect satisfactorily. I'll do this on Tuesday and/or Wednesday.

Please get in touch if you have any questions -


Details of Leavers' Week -

(as previously posted on blog)

Over the last few weeks, as the situation has evolved and guidance has changed, we have been thinking about how we can provide the most "normal" possible experience of Leavers' Assembly etc. 

Having finalised these plans (hopefully!), we talked to the children this morning about some things we will do as part of their Leavers' Week.

The PDF attached to this post details the events we are planning.

Y6 Breakfasts in School ( Come at normal time)

  • Monday 6th - Bubble A
  • Thursday 9th - Bubble B

Leavers' Assembly - on Zoom for parents

  • Thursday 9th at 2pm - approximately 2:45pm 
  • Both bubbles in school hall - socially distanced
  • We will send you all an email / text invitation to this so you can watch the assembly from home via Zoom on your phone, tablet or computer. 
  • We will also arrange a practice Zoom so you can check you can connect etc - probably on Tuesday 7th or Wednesday 8th.
  • Our traditional Leavers' Cards - with photos of your child's time at Crossdale will be prepared electronically and emailed to you.

Fish & chips, water fight and football challenges

  • Friday 10th  at 4pm - 5:30pm
  • Children will remain socially distanced in separate zones

(Please note we have also been talking to South Wolds Academy about how we can support transition and some activities in school are planned. Their plans for transition are continuing to evolve.)

Please get in touch if you have any questions -

Mr McKenna