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This Week in Year 6!

Hello all!

Hello, it's been great fun working with the Year 6 class again this week and we have been busy again this week with a variety of different projects. We have started thinking about our Crossdale memories ready for the Y6 Leavers' assembly, and practising our songs for the event. We have thought of some funny memories from the years at Crossdale - how time flies!

In English we have explored story structure, building on from our work on characters last week. We have been inspired by a range of different characters and stories and enjoyed thinking up some ideas for our own plots. 


In maths we have learnt about finding the area and perimeter of different shapes, and solving problems relating to measurement.  

We have also worked on our frisbee skills and built them up to have a game as a class. It was great fun working as part of a team and was a fun game! 

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend :)