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Y6 Home Learning Mat - 1/6/20

I hope that everyone is well and that you are all enjoying the amazing weather! (I'm going to do a little bit of gardening shortly!)

I have had a few days "off" this week and it has been really nice to recharge my batteries a bit. (However, my car battery is completely flat!) I have been enjoying the sunshine and I've been trying to keep practising to improve my drawing. (Miss Jackson sent me a photograph of her dog and I'm trying to get a drawing of it finished. It has very shiny black fur which is hard to draw so I have asked her to dye it a different colour so it is a bit easier to draw!) I have also been practising eyes (and shading) a bit more so I feel a bit more confident when I draw a whole face. The drawing of the eye above is almost A4 size and actually a bit scary!

I've attached the home learning map/mat to this post and I have also put the various bits below in case that makes it easier to click on links / read, etc.

Some of the reading and writing tasks are based on diaries so it is probably best to do these before attempting the diary extract writing task.


  • Complete at least 3 MyMaths lessons
  • Do some Doodlemaths every day
  • Do at least 2 lessons from the Oak National Academy (probably best to work through these in order)  -
  • Use TTRS (or printed booklets) to improve times tables. (Email if you need booklets.) 
  • White Rose Maths lessons and sheets are on the maths blog if you want to do more!






  • Complete assignments set for you  on Spelling Shed and ReadingEggs – these focus on words with silent letters.  
  • Use the handwriting practice sheet with words containing silent letters.  (on blog)


Family Fun Ideas



Weekly Community Activity

  • Make a ‘Thank You’ card or poster for people for another family member!