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Home Learning Mat - 18/5/20 & Writing Task

Apparently it's a home learning mat, not map!

Here are the links for this week's learning at home. The documents should be attached at the bottom of the page. I have also attached this week's Friday writing task. (The writing task will fit well with some of the reading tasks and the reading project that I'm going to upload on Monday.)

I hope you are all well! As ever, thank you so much for sending me pictures of the amazing work you have done. 

Don't forget to get your grown-ups to email me if you need some more work - or fancy doing (or revising) something other than what I have suggested on here.

I've really enjoyed seeing the drawings you have been sending me. Please keep these coming! I have included lots of art activities this week! (The drawing above is a great skua. (Its name is "great skua" - I wasn't describing my drawing! ;-) )

The writing task is attached to this post. I have included a Powerpoint and/or PDF document with lots of photos - you almost certainly don't want to print all of these! 







  • Complete assignments set for you  on Spelling Shed and ReadingEggs – these focus on _ible and _able words.  
  • Use the handwriting practice sheet with _ible and _able words. (attached to this post)



  • Alternatively, if you wanted to have a go at drawing cartoon style characters, then visit the Harptoons website!

Family Fun Ideas

  • The Scouts have got some great ideas for activities on their excellent website.
  • They have a range of activities for all ages - involving craft, art, learning about the world and problem solving! Link here.

Topic  / Computing this week!

  • BBC Bitesize have got a great page exploring the important ideas of algorithms and debugging. There are some helpful videos and guides and enjoyable activities.
  • The guide looks at different types of bug and how to find them. It also looks at bugs in Kodu and Scratch. Link here.



  • Make a ‘Thank You’ card or poster for people for another family member!