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Hello! - and A Writing Task - Rainbow Bridge

I hope you are all well.

We are all OK here. Everyone is keeping busy and active and that seems to help us deal with being at home. 

We seem to have spent a lot of time tidying the house! Ethan, one of my sons has (finally) emptied his bookshelves so I have 4 boxes of books to donate to school when we get back. Ethan has also reminded me about the free audio books available from Amazon's Audible service. We've mostly been reading lots, but Ethan struggles with his eyesight and he has been listening to lots of audiobooks on his headphones! Disappearing into a book is a great way to pass some time at the moment! The free Audible books can be found at this link.

I've continued with my attempt to learn to draw. I looked for some tutorials on YouTube - there are lots - and I am trying to draw something every day! I have started trying to draw faces, but I realised that hair is really hard - so I am now specialising in pictures of people with hats and hoodies! ( I am still intimidated by Mrs Ogilvy's unicorn!)

I can see that lots of you are really active on MyMaths, Reading Eggs etc. Please ask your grown-ups to get in touch if you run out of work* or want more of a particular type of activity or task. (*I'm checking almost every day to see if anyone has run out, but some of you are getting it done very quickly!)

I've added another writing task to this blog post in case you are lacking ideas for anything to write. I'd love to read these, so you could help your grown-ups send me your story - or story opening. You could ask your grown-ups to email me at