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Friday 27 March 2020

I hope you are all well. 

I think I'm beginning to get used to staying at home to keep safe. I've been trying to do a mixture of things each day and also stay in a routine. Hopefully, you have already made your own version of the timetable I sent home.

I'm getting up at the same time I normally do for work and then I have a bit of a read before I start working at my computer. When I think I need a break I've been playing guitar for a bit or doing a bit of tidying up in the garden. I have also been listening to A LOT of music!

I've decided to use the extra time I have to improve my drawing. Having seen what I normally produce on the board, I'm sure you'll agree that that is a good idea! The picture above is my attempt at an eye from yesterday!

If you have already finished the activities from the pack I sent home, you could have a look at the excellent resources from the Hamilton Trust. (This is an organisation that normally produces excellent planning and resources for teachers.) Use this link to access Hamilton Trust learn at home packs.

I've been checking on MyMaths and setting new tasks for people who have done everything. 

Don't forget to use Doodlemaths, TTRS and Reading Eggs as well!

If you have forgotten any passwords, remember you can email using

If you have any questions, or want me to help find you any other tasks, please ask your grownups to  use: . I will reply as quickly as I can, almost certainly within a day. Please make sure that these emails come from a grownup's account - not a child's.

Writing Tasks

Here are some writing tasks to have a go at. You can choose one, or do them all! I've attached sheets you can print at home, or you could use the exercise book we sent home or some blank paper.


Use this link to watch an amazing video of two daffodils opening up and write a poem. Remember that there are no rules for poetry! You might want to use personification (where you pretend that the daffodils have emotions) or metaphors / similes. 

Mysterious Mountain

Use this image to inspire your imagination to write a fantasy, mystery or adventure story.

  • Where does the path lead to?
  • What is on the other side of the mountain?
  • Are you allowed to go there?
  • Are there any guards?
  • Will you need to use your magical powers to get there?
  • Who can you get help from?








A Thank You Letter

Did you go outside last night to clap for the NHS?

You could write a thank you letter thanking the nurses, doctors and other NHS workers who are helping us at the moment. You could also write to thank the police officers, supermarket workers, delivery drivers or anyone else you can think of who is helping to look after us at the moment.

Have a great weekend!

Mr McKenna