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Monday 23rd March

I hope you are all well. I'm missing being in school and I'm sure that you are too! I'm being really sensible about staying at home and using the garden for a bit of fresh air and exercise. It does seem like spring is arriving!

I've been planning lessons for the children who are in school this week and using my computer to get other jobs done for the adults in school.

I'm sure that you are all already impressing your grown-ups with how amazingly caring, sensible, mature,  hardworking and helpful you are!

Because we're not able to go out, I've decided to use some of that extra time to practise drawing and playing guitar. My family are quite keen on a timetable for guitar practice! I suggested that I might start learning violin and they just said, "NO!" They also hid Ethan's violin!

Make a timetable

It is probably sensible to have a look through the pack we sent home so you can begin to make a plan of what to do when and what your daily timetables might look like. Perhaps a sensible task for the start of this week might be to make your own version of a timetable like the ones we sent home and agree this with your grown-ups.


It would be great if you could perhaps use the exercise book we sent home to keep a diary of your time out of school! You can write about what you have been doing, what you have been thinking and how you feel.

Online Activities

I've also been keeping an eye on MyMaths and Reading Eggs. I can see that lots of you have already been doing some of the activities I've set and I'll keep adding more as time goes on.

Mindfulness Activities

One of the websites we use in school to help plan wellbeing activities has produced an activity guide. This has lots of links you can use to visit different activities. I've attached this to this post.

Creative Writing Challenges

I'll add a post tomorrow morning with suggestions of creative writing tasks you can have a go at this week. You can do these in your exercise book - or perhaps using technology if your grown-ups are happy with this.