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27/9/19 - Spellings, Reading Record Books, Homework & DARE

I have really enjoyed this week! The children have been amazing. They were very proud to win the first Conduct Cup of the year - for keeping the school tidy and safe - and they have told me that they want to win the next one. This is going to be awarded for showing respect to all adults and following instructions carefully. (They are already off to a good start!)

Our Battleships Reading Challenge has been really motivating for the children. They have been reading a wide variety of different genres and it is also obvious that they have been reading regularly and keeping a careful record of what they have read. We have had some great book reviews as well! I think that it is inevitable that they will sink our last ship next week and will therefore be due a reward. There are just two or three reading record books that we need to see before we can award this!

Our homework this week is based on retrieval of information from text. There are two texts and two sets of questions, which shouldn't take very long.

I have set a few MyMaths homeworks for the children as well. Some of these are to practise important (if basic) skills for mental arithmetic. I have also been setting activities which are individually targetting the tables that they children need to improve.

This week's spellings are attached to this post. The children did well in the spelling test yesterday. They should have their marked spelling sheets in their homework folders so they can show you how amazing they are!

If they still have their DARE books at home, could they try really hard to get these back in school for next Tuesday.

Have a great weekend.

Mr McKenna