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We've Finished SATs!

We have finished SATs! 

We've all been really proud of the mature, relaxed and confident way in which the children have approached the tests this week and their exceptionally hard work in preparation. 

After some thought, I hav decided not to give them any homework this weekend! Or spellings!

Tomorrow, we will be relaxing and having a Y6 treat day as a reward for their magnificence!

We'll have some hot chocolate, croissants, pain au chocolat etc. before break in the morning - to ensure there is room for lunch. As well as some eating, we will fill the day with a mixture of movies and play - inside and outside.

I'm happy for the children to bring in bean bags or cushions - if you/they can cope with the logistics. (We'll borrow some of the PE mats from the hall for those who can't bring a bean bag or cushion.)

Tomorrow is also Anaphylaxis Awareness Day at school so it was already a non-uniform day; we've asked the children to  wear something orange - if possible. There will be a cake sale in the afternoon.

And finally, can I just remind you about sun hats and sun cream. We are all hoping that the fine weather continues and we hope to be able to spend more time outdoors than we have over the last few weeks!

Mr McKenna