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Another Brilliant Week!

We've had a great first week back in school after Easter!

Once again, I've been massively impressed with the children's maturity and enthusiasm for learning this week. It's been a pleasure to be their teacher!

For homework, I have sent home some worksheets with spelling rule practice; I chose these as they shouldn't be too time-consuming, but will, nevertheless, be  useful. 

I'm just about to set a bit more MyMaths as well. I'll be using this to revise topics already covered so there is likely to be quite a lot of this over the next couple of weeks. I'll find some time for the children to  do some of this in school as well, but it would be useful if they could do a little at home most days.

I've sent this children some really useful spellings based on  words with double consonants; these are words that we often find challenging in our own spelling - myself included!

I've attached both this week's spelling and the list of 200(ish) words that have been provided for KS2 children by the Department for Education.

Please remember, that if your children find any of the homework, MyMaths or the questions in the "10-Minute Test" books difficult, I can find some time to help them next week.

I've also attached our curriculum map for this (short!) half term.

Have a great weekend!

Mr McKenna