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Y6 Impress Our VIsitors! (& Spellings!)

We had some visitors yesterday who came to watch me teach a maths lesson as part of our involvement in the Teaching for Mastery project. This is a national initiative run by regional Maths Hubs which aspires to help students become more confident users of maths.  The visitors were mostly teachers who are in charge of maths in their own (primary) schools - an intimidating audience!

The lesson was centred on the use of  Roman numerals in missing number problems and problems involving the order of operations, Our visitors were massively impressed by the way the children worked  on these challenging problems, their enthusiastic participation  in the  lesson and their impeccable behaviour.

Understandably, I was very proud of the children and I've talked to them today about their impressively astonishing amazingness! 

(On a more mundane  note, I have attached this week's spellings to this post! Please check how your children are getting on in our weekly spelling tests; the results should be in their homework folder.)

Have a great weekend!

Mr McKenna