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Autumn Curriculum + Recent Events

Curriculum Map and Fabulous Reading

Hello all,

Many of you attended the Base 3 meeting recently and received the curriculum map I am posting on here, but for online reference, I'm attaching another copy.

Also, I would like to say a big thank you to the children and grown ups of Cedar class - I have been blown away by the effort children and parents alike have been putting into reading! The reading diaries are slowly filling up, and so is our Readopoly board. We have so many houses on there already - even in the challenge boxes and less-common reading genres. To name but a few; Clara read a few item descriptions in her Argos catalogue,  Tom read a footballer's biography, and Martin has cracked open an Atlas. What fantastic variety!

We also still encourage the children to read fiction book-banded books from our school library, so we spent a whole morning being librarians, working in teams to order our books into bands and alphabetical order. We will aim to keep our library looking as great as it does now - come and see what our hard work achieved at 8:50 any weekday morning!

Have a fab weekend,

happy reading,

Miss Rodriguez