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Welcome Back, Pine Class!

Hello Pine Class! I am sooooo much looking forward to seeing you all on Monday! It's going to be great!



I've uploaded a video (hopefully) where you can remind yourself what I look like - should you have forgotten! Spoiler alert: In the video I remind you where to line up on Monday morning and tell you to not stress out about anything over the weekend!

If you (or your parents) have any questions or concerns please ask them to use the email address to get in touch over the weekend. I'm planning to be at my computer quite a lot over the next few days, so I can probably reply pretty quickly!

I have deleted any MyMaths homework you haven't managed to get done, so don't stress about that. (I have also changed the school password to "adding" - if you have struggled to get on.

Just remember to come along on Monday with your smile, your good humour, your patience, your questions, your water, your coat and your lunch (if required). 

(We will give you an equipment pack to keep in your tray / on your desk, but you can also bring a pencil case that will fit in your tray if you want. Everything you need will be in the pack we give you, but I am happy for you to have a pencil case as well, if you'd prefer.)

When you come on to the school playground, I should be outside ready to see you and if you could line up along the flowerbeds. The bees are now spaced at 1m distance. We'll talk about getting inside and what we do with our stuff etc. when we are on the playground.

I'm going to stop typing now, as it is already a bit too long!

Please remember that you and your parents can also have a look at the blog post with information about school's September opening, Rainbow Rules etc.

Hopefully the video will be attached and remember to email if you have questions! See you on Monday!

Mr McKenna