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Farewell Year Five!

Hello Lovely Pine!
A final farewell and have a fabulous summer from me!
I've absolutely loved the past four weeks with the Year Fives and I know that they will be the most terrific Year Six. We've spent time chatting to Mr McKenna virtually this week and have completed a 'Getting to Know me' booklet for him to read over the summer. The children are more than ready, and hopefully feeling confident about the year ahead.
He'll be taking over the class email account from today, so if you have any questions, queries or worries and you'd like to speak to him you can send them via the class email address  and he will get back to you at some point over the summer break.
I'd also like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely messages of thanks over these past few weeks, knowing that we've made some small difference to what has been a very tricky time means a huge amount to me personally but also to us as a school. And, a big big thank you to all you grown ups at home who have been juggling home learning and work, you've all done a fabulous job!
Have a wonderful summer everyone!
Stay safe and have fun!
Mrs Westie :)