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Half Term 25.05.20 + a hello!

Happy Half Term!

Hello all,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this lovely spell of sunshine we have had lately! As next week is our half term week, I will not be posting a Learning Mat or setting any expectations for work, e.g. no MyMaths tasks will be set. If you have any queries, please email me at .

I will post a new Learning Mat next Friday for the following week, but for now please enjoy the time you have together and take some well-earned down-time from the excellent work you have been producing throughout these last few weeks. I have been so amazed at the levels of effort and enthusiasm I have seen from the emails and examples I have been sent so far, and can't wait to see what you get up to in the coming weeks, Pine!

As usual, I miss you lots, my lovely Pine cones. Incase you were curious about what I've been getting up to in my free time over the past couple of weeks, I'll give you a quick summary! 

I have tried my hand at cooking and baking new things, and I can say that I am now very good at making American-style pancakes, but definitely not the master of baking biscuits - I burn some every time! More practice and a slightly cooler temperature for the oven, I think!

Also, you know I love to get crafty, so I thought I'd post a couple of bits I made recently. Firstly, I have had a go at pop-ups, and made a little pop-up llama. I'm crazy about his cute little earrings and lead. Can you spot them?

And as always, I love my watercolours and am practising how to paint people. I have only painted animals up until now!

Why not have a go at painting/drawing a scene of your favourite memory? Something that makes you super happy! This is a painting of the time when I went back to my mum's homeland for the first time ever, 6 years ago. Dozens of my family from Lima (the capital city of Peru) travelled with us to a small village in The Andes (the mountain range which stretches down the west-side of South America), and we got off the coach and walked the final mile. It was a big family reunion!

Wishing you a wonderful week, my little Pine cones!

Miss Rodriguez