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Writing Task and a Hello

Week beginning 11.5.20

Hello all,

The writing task for this week is the same format as the previous task:

Please break this task down into 10 sessions (1 each week day) for the next 2 weeks.
Session1: Stimulus & Get Exploring
session2: Interesting Questions & Favourites
Session 3: Let's explore the words & Example / non-example
Session 4: Fill the Gaps & Review Learning
Session5: Let's think about the text a little more
Session 6: Now for some grammar
Session 7: Write Away
Session 8: Your Turn
Session 9:  Get Planning
Session10: Write you story & Review it


Also, a quick hello, as my holiday weeks are winding down, I just want to say a big thank you for all the lovely messages you have sent me, showing me all the wonderful things you have done recently! I will try my best to get back to you all over the next week.

I have kept myself busy practising new paint techniques and trying to improve my skills yet again. My little extra message to you this week, is to think of something that you struggle with, try and try again, and see if you can spot any improvements! Use that stickability you all have. For me, I used to find it very tricky to blend colours with watercolour painting - I realise now that I always used too much water and it would drown the page! But I have had a million tries at the same little bird picture, and I think I've improved!

Take care,

Miss Rodriguez