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Weekly Writing task + a Hello!

For week beginning 20.04.20

Hello all,

I hope you are all well and enjoying doing a range of things at home. Myself and the rest of the Crossdale team have worked hard to produce lots of activities and tasks to keep you learning and having fun, and we hope you are enjoying whatever your current timetable looks like!

For this week's writing task, I decided to play a little bit of "My go, your go", like we do in class!

I have chosen one picture to inspire this week's writing, but as always you have a choice of what to write:

option 1) Talk through the reading questions underneath the picture with your grown up, and make your own story mountain for a tale about 'The thing in the sewer'!

option 2) Read the story starter that I wrote below, and carry on the story I have written. I had a LOT of fun writing this, and hope it inspires you to complete my tale with your own twist!

A quick hello too - I hope you are all continuing to have fun breaks from your excellent learning! This week, I dusted off my oil pastels and got my fingers mucky. I have been watching documentaries on The Incas, who ruled Peru (the country my family and I come from) a long time ago. I saw an amazing golden mask, similar to the Ancient Egyptian death  masks. Well I had to have a go myself. Why not see if what you are watching inspires you to draw?!


As always, I am missing you, my Pine cones! Don't forget that you can send me pics to show me how you're getting on with your work at home! (address linked below)

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Rodriguez