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New Topic Activities!

A range of activities for Year 5 to try!

Hello all,

Apologies for taking a little while to get these topic activities to you, but I wanted to make sure I included a great variety of ideas and could make it as fun as possible!

Included are:

MAIN DOCUMENT: [Pharaohcious Egypt overview and activities]
This has a brief overview (page 1) for you and your child to understand what the activities are teaching us, and an activity checklist (page 2) full of a wide range of activities covering many curriculum areas. Please note: this is not compulsory, these are suggestions for learning. Should you or your child have any other activity ideas that you find online linked to the topic of Ancient Egypt, please feel free to do them!

Supporting documents: [knowledge organiser], [glossary], [useful links], [fun facts]
These resources are simply here to give you more context to deepen your child's understanding of the time period. Just a bit of additional reading!

Resources for activities: Everything else!
These are named and highlighted in blue on the activity checklist. They go hand-in-hand with specific activities.

FURTHER NOTE ON ONLINE RESEARCH: As your child may need to conduct their own online research for several activities, a safe way for them to do this is by using rather than Google. is Google's specially designed search engine for children to safely search the web. As well as being safe, it also finds child friendly websites, which should boost your child's reading confidence, as I often find that academic websites which usually appear on generic Google searches contain complex vocabulary that they struggle to read.

I hope you and your child enjoy learning about the Ancient Egyptians over the next few months, and please don't forget to save any excellent work perhaps in a big folder, so that one day they will be able to share this with me! For now though, please feel free to send me a photo to of what they get up to. I do miss my lovely class but it's lovely to see their love for learning flourishing still!

Big virtual high 5s, stay safe and keep loving to learn!

Miss Rodriguez
High Priestess,
Crossdale Drive Pyramid