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Investigation Station!

Science Week in Pine Class

Hello all,

I just wanted to post a few pics from the children's investigations this morning. We had a full Science morning in all classes today, in the name of British Science Week!
In Pine class, we asked ourselves: "What are Hormones, and how do they affect our bodies?"
We drew out our every day habits on a pie chart, and learned about a few specific hormones which drive our everyday functions. These were:
cortisol (which helps us to wake up)
melatonin (which helps us to sleep)
ghrelin (which makes us feel hungry, reminding us to eat)
leptin (which makes us feel full)

We also discovered who Charles Darwin was, and that he had some theories about how animals survive by adapting to suit their environment. Even though he published this theory in during the Victorian Era, we still talk about this in Science lessons today! We used our Self-Manager tool (our stickability!) to investigate what "adaptation" means by creating a peice of artwork... using our fingers! We could only use our fingers to create a work of art and had to think carefully about how we could adapt our skills to this task, and improve as we practiced.

Thank you to all the parent helpers who have visited us during Science Week, and thank you also if you helped your child to prepare for the Science Fair. It has been a super science week!

Miss Rodriguez