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Half-term photography project!

Details of Pine's half-term homework project

Hello all,

It has been such a fun term so far with our current topic: Firedamp and Davy lamps. We have travelled through time talking about coal mining in the UK and now we have reached the 1950s.
The artwork created by a group of pitmen, called The Ashington Group, has really caught our attention. They became known as "The Pitmen Painters" and we discussed how they broke barriers and social stereotypes to become well-respected painters, at a time when fine art was not considered a hobby for a working-class man like a coal miner. They often painted scenes of their everyday life, so the paintings have been a great historical source for us, to understand what life was like in a coal mining community in Post-war Britain.

For an  interactive homework project, I have asked the children to recreate some of these famous artworks by using their photography skills. Please, grown-ups, don't be afraid to get involved, either in front of or behind the camera! Should your child require another copy of the homework, it is linked below, along with a few examples of our first attempts at the project this afternoon!

To display their photos in our own photo gallery, please could your child either:
- print the photo at home and bring it in after the half-term holidays

-email the photo to me directly and I can print it off:

Have a great holiday, and happy snapping!

Miss Rodriguez