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Pine talk about online safety

Class discussion about staying safe online.

Hello all,

This week, Pine class has been busy talking about being safe online and understanding how we act on online messaging platforms.

We talked about:
- how to respond / talk to each other in group messages 

- treating everybody the same way you would treat them in  person (being a good citizen at school should be the same as being a good digital citizen)

- how a little chant can remind us how to deal with problems online
     ZIP IT! (don't respond to somebody in a way that might also get you into trouble and encourage you to do the wrong thing)

     BLOCK IT! (to feel safer, leave or unfollow whatever it is that is causing a problem or stress)

     FLAG IT! (Tell a responsible and trusted grown up who could help you do something about this problem)

We will continue to work on our online safety skills in the future,

Thank you,

Miss Rodriguez and Pine class!