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We Day Concert 2019

Year 5 trip for charitable causes 

Hello all,

 Today we went to Nottingham's first WE Day concert! We woke up extra early to head to Keyworth Primary and join their year 5 class to travel together to the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall.

We arrived with lots of time to spare, and were one of the first schools - that's why we got to sit 3 rows away form the front!  When the show began, we were introduced to our DJs and hosts: The Marauders. However, throughout the morning, we met so many famous and inspiring people! 

In particular, we were left very inspired by speakers like Bluey Robinson, Vicky McClure, Isabelle Weal and Brooke Kinsella. We even heard Martin Luther King III speak too!

We can't wait to take part in our own charitable causes with We later this year!

Thank you,
Pine Class