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DT Day in Year Five!

Soup and Smoothie making in Pine class.

Hello all, 

In the morning, we played a guessing game. We had to guess using our senses what the diced fruit or vegetable was. We did manage to correctly identify the apple and potato, but we had a bit more of a debate about the butternut squash!

Next, we watched a video to learn how to chop safely. We peeled and chopped our veg, and our grown ups helped us to place these in the slow cooker.

After the break, we moved around the room, choosing partners to make smoothies with, based on the ingredient they had. Again, our helpful grown ups prepared the smoothies and even helped us tidy up!

And finally, we took the peelings and parts of the fruits and veg that we don't cook to our compost bins, so that they can help plants and foods to grow for next year's soup making!

Thank you to all the grown ups who came to help out - the children really benefitted from your input and support.

We can't wait to taste our soup this afternoon!

Miss Rodriguez and Pine class 

Danny and George tasting diced potato!

 Freya supported Poppy with her cutting skills


 Jacob could enter next year's Junior Masterchef if he keep practicing his safe cutting skills!

 We put together our own smoothies!

 Nothing went to waste today!