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Citizenship workshop in Pine Class

Team work making dream work in Year Five.

Hello all,

We have had a fab day in Pine thinking about others and what we can do for our local community.

In the morning, Leah, a friendly ambassador for the WE charity arrived at Crossdale and talked to the whole of KS2 about the aim of her organisation: to spread positivity to local communities and the wider world. We were lucky enough in Year Five to spend the whole day creating exciting projects with Leah!

Before lunchtime, we talked about what 'self-esteem' is, and what we can do to make others and ourselves feel good. We also discussed what obstacles might get in the way of happiness for different groups of people in our community. Pine Class really impressed me: we had lots of Effective Participators and plenty of Reflective Thinkers.

In the afternoon, the children worked in groups to produce action plans for projects they would like to start at Crossdale, to help spread positivity to others in our local community who, for reasons the children identified, may find feeling happy a struggle at times. Again, the children were incredibly thoughtful, and empathetic, putting forward ideas and recognising their target groups for their projects.

Soon, we will come to a decision together as to which project we will move ahead with, and throughout the year I will drop posts on our blog updating you on our progress!

Miss Rodriguez.